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Cambalache (1935)

Pawnshop lyrics by Enrique Santos Discépolo I’ve always known that the world was a mess and always will be… in 506 A.D. and in the year 2000 too! There have always been crooks, swindlers* and chumps, happy and bitter people, treasures and forgeries… But now no one can deny that the 20th century is a … Continue reading

La cicatriz (1939)

Those of you who are frequent visitors to my blog will note that I do not editorialize. I try to keep my comments to a minimum, sometimes inserting footnotes to the lyrics where a literal translation would break the flow of the poetry, or drawing attention to discrepancies between different versions of a song. But … Continue reading

Campo afuera (1939)

To Other Fields lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Rodolfo Biagi I already know that you’ve forgotten me, I already know that you’ve gone far away. I already know that all my advice won’t be able to straighten you out. I already know that my only destiny is to open all the pens and gallop … Continue reading

Con los amigos (A mi madre)

With Those Friends (To My Mother) lyrics by Sebastián Alfredo Robles With those friends that my wealth bought, I eagerly fritted away all my time— and under my wallet’s powerful influence, everyone reveled in splendid luxury… but my mother didn’t. Poor mother! I had forgotten all about her whilst I slept in the arms of vice. An immense court … Continue reading

Como dos extraños (1940)

Like Two Strangers lyrics by José María Contursi music by Pedro Laurenz I was made a coward by loneliness and the deep fear of dying far from you. How I longed to weep when I sensed, so close at hand, reality’s mockery of me. My heart begged me to search for you and bring it … Continue reading

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