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La noche que te fuiste (1945)

The Night You Went Away music by Osmar Maderna lyrics by José María Contursi Sometimes, when your face appears in my dreams, fleeting and radiant as a ray of sunlight, I feel as though your hands warm mine as they shiver with cold, and you declare your love! Then slowly you cradle my soul to … Continue reading

Nunca tuvo novio (1930)

She Never Had a Lover lyrics by Enrique Cadícamo Poor old maid, you are left with no dreams, no faith. Your heart is sick with grief, the sun sets now on your broken life. You are reading it yet again: that silly old romance novel where a young girl waits in vain consumed by love’s maladies. … Continue reading

Nada más (1938)

Nothing More lyrics by Luis Rubistein There will be so much snow in my life without your fiery gaze! And my poor lost soul, bleeding from this wound, will lay down and die. And on the cross of my yearning, I will fill my soul with mist— even the blue of the heavens shall die … Continue reading

Nostalgias (1936)

Nostalgias lyrics by Enrique Cadícamo I want to get my heart drunk so I can snuff out a crazy love that more than love, is just suffering… and I come here for this, to erase the old kisses with kisses from other mouths… If her love was a one-day bloom what’s the reason that I … Continue reading

Nido gaucho (1942)

Gaucho’s Nest lyrics by Hector Marcó music by Carlos Di Sarli With shining colors of hope, the countryside puts on its plumage and the wind’s chords throb through the grasses and the flowers. I have my little ranch on the hill where the thrushes nest… daisies and rosebushes have sprouted for you, because one day … Continue reading

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