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Boedo y San Juan (1943)

Boedo & San Juan music & lyrics by Enrique Cadícamo From here, the corner of Boedo and San Juan, I’m going to sing a sad, heartfelt tango because I want to honor and to remember the neighborhood where I grew up, where I left all the feelings of my childhood: hopscotch beneath a blue sky, brightly colored … Continue reading

Buenos Aires (1923)

Buenos Aires lyrics by Manuel Romero Buenos Aires, the Queen of the Plata, Buenos Aires, my beloved land, listen now to my song— my whole life has gone into it. In my most orgiastic, fevered hours, spent from pleasure and insanity, I think of you, my homeland, and my bitterness gets some relief. Under the blanket of … Continue reading

Balada para un loco (1969)

Ballad for a Lunatic lyrics by Horacio Ferrer (1933-2014) music by Ástor Piazzolla (spoken) The afternoons in Buenos Aires have a certain… ¿qué se yo? [1]—y’know? I’ve just left home, headed down Arenales. The streets, and me, the same as ever…when suddenly, from behind a tree, he appears. A strange cross between one of the last homeless … Continue reading

Bajo el cono azul (1944)

Under the Blue Halo lyrics by Carmelo Volpe [spoken] From my table I contemplate memory’s dance: Paris with its grandeur drowning my desires, the lost lover who you carry like a cross, the dance that is even sadder beneath a blue halo of light… Under a blue halo of light Susú is moving to the … Continue reading

Buscándote (1941)

Searching for You lyrics by Eduardo Scalise Wandering… exhausted by my endless ambling, the bitter sadness of being alone, tremendously eager to arrive. Perhaps you know… that I have gone through life searching for you, that I broke my dreams without meaning to, that I left them behind at some crossroads. I hurried my stride, in … Continue reading

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The sound files on this site are included for illustrative purposes only. Those wishing to obtain high quality versions for their personal collections should purchase commercially available copies. If you can't get to a record store in Buenos Aires, a great many tangos are available, song by song, in meticulously digitized versions from http://www.tangotunes.com/ and others can be found on the iTunes music store or Amazon (transfer quality varies widely). Though he no longer has inventory available, Michael Lavocah's superb http://milonga.co.uk/ can help you determine which CDs might be best to buy used.