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Cosas olvidadas (1940)

Forgotten Things
lyrics by José María Contursi
music by Antonio Rodio

After such a long, long time,
just now I get to talk to you again…
Hearing you—what a feeling!
It seems just like yesterday!
You see…I’m much older now
and you’re the same as back in those days
when you used to love me so, so much…
but nothing’s left of that—it’s all gone!

They are forgotten things,
these old romances
and as we recall better times
our eyes start to get misty.
They are forgotten things,
that return, looking worn out,
and in the loneliness of our lives
they open wounds in our hearts…

There is a sad tone in your voice
of sorrow and melancholy…
and under its spell, my soul
must fight back tears!
It’s just that both of us were hurt
by dredging up these dead hours
and our hearts opened their doors
to the sadness of remembering.

Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Roberto Rufino (1940)

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