poesía de gotán:

Viejo portón (1938)

Old Gateway
lyrics by Máximo Orsi
music by Hector Palacios

Plea of the wind,
voices from the plains,
anguished prayers,
sorrow’s laments.
Wandering birds
that one spring,
a fiery sun
scorched with love.
The affection was strong
as a carob tree—
but a blow from time’s axe
cleaved it so easily.
And today in the long silence of its absence,
a guitar weeps along with its singer.

Orquesta Rodolfo Biagi, singer Teófilo Ibáñez

(Spanish original after the jump)

Viejo portón

Suplico del viento,
voces de los llanos,
rezos angustiosos,
quejas de dolor.
Pájaros errantes
que una primavera
con un sol de fuego
chamuscó el amor.
Fuerte fue el cariño
como un algarrobo—
un hachazo del tiempo
fácil lo partió.
Y hoy en el silencio largo de su ausencia
llora una guitarra junto a su cantor.

About Derrick Del Pilar

Born and raised in Chicago, I came to the tango while studying at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires in 2006. In 2008 I earned my B.A. with majors in Creative Writing and Spanish & Portuguese from the University of Arizona, and in 2009 I earned an M.A. in Latin American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. My specialty is the history & literature of early 20th century Argentina.


2 thoughts on “Viejo portón (1938)

  1. What glorious poetry!!
    You really bring the songs alive for us dancers…thanks very much!

    If you are back on Friday, please come by for a very informal buffet supper around 8PM in honor of Terry’s birthday, right after our ‘Milonga de chocolate’ at Ghirardelli Square. Besos, Beatrice
    776 3010

    Posted by beatrice bowles | 06.03.2009, 9:17 PM


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