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Muchachos, comienza la ronda (1943)

Kids, the Dance Is Starting! lyrics by Leopoldo Díaz Vélez music by Luis Porcell Kids, the dance is starting as the tango invites us onto the floor. When they hear the first notes of such brilliant music, who wouldn’t get up to dance? You can weave your emotions into this song as it delves deep … Continue reading

Los mareados (1942)

The Lushes* lyrics by Enrique Cadícamo Strange, almost fired up, I found you drinking, beautiful and terrible… You were drinking and amidst the champagne’s clamor, you were laughing like a madwoman so you wouldn’t cry… It hurt to find you there since when I looked at you I saw, girl,** your eyes filled with an electric fire, your beautiful … Continue reading

Mi dolor (1930)

My Sorrow lyrics by Manuel Meaños I return from far-off lands where I went to search for a way to forget my sorrow, comfort for a soul that suffered, believing in the deceits and promises of love. Off to oblivion, that balm that eases suffering, I left, bitterly carrying my cruel memories of the good … Continue reading

Madreselva (1931)

Honeysuckle lyrics by Luis César Amadori Old wall of the arrabal, your shade was my companion— in my lackluster childhood, your honeysuckle was my friend. When, trembling, my first love kissed my heart with hopes, at your side, pure and happy, I sang this, my first confession: Honeysuckles in bloom, that watched my birth and … Continue reading

Mandria (1926)

Wretched lyrics by Francisco Brancatti y Juan Velich Take my poncho—don’t flinch! I’ll even loan you my knife, pick, and in the venue that you choose, sir, I must show up and surely I won’t have bad form. And me, with the lash of my riding crop I’ve got plenty to cover myself… I’ve never … Continue reading

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