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Tres Esquinas (1941)

Three Corners  lyrics by Enrique Cadícamo I’m from Three Corners, old bastion of an arrabal, where the pretty aproned girls blossom like wisteria, where on calm, warm nights the geraniums waft their ancient aroma beneath a full moon sky while the horse carts sleep out in the yard. I am from this humble neighborhood, I … Continue reading

Tristeza marina (1943)

Sadness of the Sea lyrics by Horacio Sanguinetti “You love the sea more,” she said to me with sorrow as her crystalline voice broke. I remember the look of the twilight in her eyes and these words became my obsession: “You have to choose between your sea and my love.” I told her, “No,” and … Continue reading

Torrente (1944)

Flood lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Hugo Gutiérrez Your anxiety sobs, as my loneliness too wished to sob, like a coward. The anguish of playing around and suddenly, against my will, losing my heart in the flood. Our yesterdays cry out, they cry out in the tone of neglect that sorrowfully recalls the night we said goodbye, … Continue reading

Telón (1938)

Curtain lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Lucio Demare Your solitude was a fiction that burst into my hidden corner and your tempests swept me away. The role you played so well was the sentimental embodiment of an epic novel by Luis de Val.[1] You appeared, feverish and hysterical, and we came together in a miserable … Continue reading

Toda mi vida (1941)

My Whole Life lyrics by José María Contursi music by Aníbal Troilo Today, after such a long time without seeing you, without speaking to you, I’m so tired of always, always searching for you, and I feel like I am dying, slowly, because you have forgotten me. And you will not leave a single kiss on … Continue reading


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