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Rebeldía (1946)

Rebellion music and lyrics by Roberto Nievas Blanco & Oscar Rubens With hands red from squeezing on my heart, choking back a cry of rage, rebellious, like water against fire, like the sea against the rocks, today I rebel against your tyrannical love which doesn’t listen to reason, I rebel against my own heart, I’m … Continue reading

Jamás retornarás (1942)

You Will Never Return lyrics by Miguel Caló and Osmar Maderna When she said goodbye, I wanted to cry then without her love, I wanted to scream. All the dreams that my heart encompassed, all my illusions, they fell to pieces. “I will come back soon,” she said as she left. I went crazy waiting … Continue reading

Torrente (1944)

Flood lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Hugo Gutiérrez Your anxiety sobs, as my loneliness too wished to sob, like a coward. The anguish of playing around and suddenly, against my will, losing my heart in the flood. Our yesterdays cry out, they cry out in the tone of neglect that sorrowfully recalls the night we said goodbye, … Continue reading

La abandoné y no sabía (1943)

I Abandoned Her and I Didn’t Know… lyrics by José Canet Kneaded between the silver and gold of serenades and wild dance parties, cradled by the sounds of bandoneons, this tango was born. It was born to watch me suffer in this horrific life as my luck takes its dying gasps. When I hear it … Continue reading

Fuimos (1945)

We Were… lyrics by Homero Manzi music by José Dames I was like a rain of ashes and afflictions in the calmest hours of your life… a drop of vinegar spilled, fatefully spilled, into all of your wounds. Because of me you became a summer swallow in the snow, a wilted rose under rainless clouds. … Continue reading

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The sound files on this site are included for illustrative purposes only. Those wishing to obtain high quality versions for their personal collections should purchase commercially available copies. If you can't get to a record store in Buenos Aires, a great many tangos are available, song by song, in meticulously digitized versions from http://www.tangotunes.com/ and others can be found on the iTunes music store or Amazon (transfer quality varies widely). Though he no longer has inventory available, Michael Lavocah's superb http://milonga.co.uk/ can help you determine which CDs might be best to buy used.