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Fuimos (1945)

We Were… lyrics by Homero Manzi music by José Dames I was like a rain of ashes and afflictions in the calmest hours of your life… a drop of vinegar spilled, fatefully spilled, into all of your wounds. Because of me you became a summer swallow in the snow, a wilted rose under rainless clouds. … Continue reading

Campo afuera (1939)

To Other Fields lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Rodolfo Biagi I already know that you’ve forgotten me, I already know that you’ve gone far away. I already know that all my advice won’t be able to straighten you out. I already know that my only destiny is to open all the pens and gallop … Continue reading

Romance de barrio (1947)

Neighborhood Romance* lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Aníbal Troilo First, a far-off April date— your dark balcony, your old-fashioned garden. Later on the feverish pulse of your letters— lying with “no,” vowing that “yes…” A neighborhood romance, your love and my love, first came desire, then came sorrow— for faults that were never ours, for … Continue reading

Telón (1938)

Curtain lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Lucio Demare Your solitude was a fiction that burst into my hidden corner and your tempests swept me away. The role you played so well was the sentimental embodiment of an epic novel by Luis de Val.[1] You appeared, feverish and hysterical, and we came together in a miserable … Continue reading

Paisaje (1943)

Landscape lyrics by Homero Manzi music by Sebastián Piana I bought you one afternoon, distant landscape, with your golden frame and your autumnal theme. I hung you on the wall across from her portrait, across from her portrait that’s no longer there. Perhaps that’s why I was upset just now by your muted tone, your shadow, … Continue reading


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