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Todo es amor (1957)

It’s All Love lyrics by Alejandro Roman music by Leo Lipesker Where is the root of my angst and my faith? Where is the source of my intense unease? Where, if not in your dreams, which embolden me, if not in your lips, which cast their spell and give me the strength to fight for you? Who colored my voice … Continue reading

Garras (1945)

Claws lyrics by José María Contursi music by Aníbal Troilo A dark alleyway, waiting for you… Cold…shadows… Longing to live for your love, but I can’t… I feel my life slip away from me… and you won’t shed a tear. Desperately, I search for your warmth but you are not here. Cruel agony…later loneliness and then you … Continue reading

Cristal (1944)

Crystal lyrics by José María Contursi music by Mariano Mores My heart has been torn to pieces, my feelings shattered on this day… Night after night with no rest and this unease in my soul… So, so many years have passed— my life and my hair are gray! Mad, nearly dead, crushed, my spirit is still chained to the days of … Continue reading

Charlemos (1940)

Let’s Chat lyrics by Luis Rubinstein Retiro 60-11?* May I please speak to Renée? She doesn’t live there? Wait, don’t hang up— could I just talk with you, miss? Don’t hang up…this afternoon is so dreary, and I feel so sentimental. I already know that there is no René… Let’s chat…you’ll do as well… Chatting … Continue reading

Esta noche al pasar (1945)

Tonight As I Pass By lyrics by Justo Ricardo Thompson Shining with splendor and the warm emotions of some neighborhood crier’s* voice, the moon, my dreamy moon, left behind a lovely serenade in the night. Flirting on your balcony, sonorous and seductive, comes the sweet voice of my pure love. And while the city dreams along … Continue reading


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The sound files on this site are included for illustrative purposes only. Those wishing to obtain high quality versions for their personal collections should purchase commercially available copies. If you can't get to a record store in Buenos Aires, a great many tangos are available, song by song, from http://www.tangotunes.com/ and others can be found on iTunes (transfer quality varies widely). Many CDs are available through online retailers such as Michael Lavocah's superb http://milonga.co.uk/.