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¿Vendrás alguna vez? (1938)

Will You Ever Come? lyrics by Luis César Amadori
 music by Alfredo Malerba If only you knew how lonely I am surrounded by so many other people! If only you knew how dismal I feel as the rest of them are laughing like crazy… I have it all and yet it seems to me that … Continue reading

Nada más que un corazón (1944)

Nothing More Than a Heart lyrics by Carlos Bahr Nothing more than your affection is what I desire. It is the miracle that I demand of life, as the reward for all my wounds. Nothing more than your affection is what I desire, since I’ve never yearned for a fate better than winning the joy of … Continue reading

Returning to Translations Soon, New Tanda Blog!

Hello all, I’ve been busy in the last few months—I’m applying for MFA programs in Creative Writing next fall. I will post some new translations soon, I have a queue of requests that has been steadily backing up since August. I also have news! Inspired by Tanda of the Week, I have launched a new … Continue reading

Revision Time!

“I have rewritten—often several times—every word I have ever written. My pencils outlast their erasers.” Vladimir Nabokov “This morning I took out a comma, and this afternoon I put it back again.” Oscar Wilde A few weeks ago I received a very courteous email from Al Daigen, a professional translator in Canada. He respectfully pointed … Continue reading

I Have the M.A.!

Today was my final exam for my M.A., and I passed! I now have a Master’s in Latin American Studies from UC Berkeley. Starting in a couple weeks expect many more translations on a regular basis!


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