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Mario Melfi

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Remembranza (1934)

Remembrance lyrics by Mario Battistella music by Mario Melfi Every week feels so long when you are not close to me! I don’t know what superhuman powers give my life meaning, so far from you. Now that the light of my hope is dead, I am like a shipwreck at sea. I know that I am lost … Continue reading

Poema (1935)

Poem lyrics by Eduardo Bianco music by Mario Melfi It was a dream of sweet love, hours of joy and of affection. It was yesterday’s poem that I dreamed in golden colors. Vain chimeras that my heart will never be able to decipher again. Our fleeting little nest was a dream of love, of adoration!* When … Continue reading


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The sound files on this site are included for illustrative purposes only. Those wishing to obtain high quality versions for their personal collections should purchase commercially available copies. If you can't get to a record store in Buenos Aires, a great many tangos are available, song by song, from http://www.tangotunes.com/ and others can be found on iTunes (transfer quality varies widely). Many CDs are available through online retailers such as Michael Lavocah's superb http://milonga.co.uk/.