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Muchachos, comienza la ronda (1943)

Kids, the Dance Is Starting! lyrics by Leopoldo Díaz Vélez music by Luis Porcell Kids, the dance is starting as the tango invites us onto the floor. When they hear the first notes of such brilliant music, who wouldn’t get up to dance? You can weave your emotions into this song as it delves deep … Continue reading

La vida es corta (1941)

Life is Short lyrics by Francisco Gorrindo Let’s see, boys—I want to be joyful, I want to be dazed, so I don’t have to think. Life is short and you must live it, and just set reality aside. You must forget about sacrifice— what it costs to live, and to win your bread— and on these nights of … Continue reading

Con los amigos (A mi madre)

With Those Friends (To My Mother) lyrics by Sebastián Alfredo Robles With those friends that my wealth bought, I eagerly fritted away all my time— and under my wallet’s powerful influence, everyone reveled in splendid luxury… but my mother didn’t. Poor mother! I had forgotten all about her whilst I slept in the arms of vice. An immense court … Continue reading

Siempre es carnaval (1937)

It’s Always Carnival lyrics by Emilio Fresedo music by Osvaldo Fresedo It’s always Carnival… streamers swirl all around, some are wide and some are thin, they make us wobble, just a bit. And when the mask is gone from the costume that you wear revealing your innocent face, all year long is Carnival! Long live the Carnival! You … Continue reading

Trasnochando (1942)

Out All Night lyrics by Santiago Adamini music by Armando Baliotti Out all night like every skull who doesn’t see what’s coming, who doesn’t know where he’s going. I used to ignore all your advice, my friend— we almost became enemies because you were honest with me. They always were my best companions, the milonguero boys, gamblers … Continue reading

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The sound files on this site are included for illustrative purposes only. Those wishing to obtain high quality versions for their personal collections should purchase commercially available copies. If you can't get to a record store in Buenos Aires, a great many tangos are available, song by song, in meticulously digitized versions from http://www.tangotunes.com/ and others can be found on the iTunes music store or Amazon (transfer quality varies widely). Though he no longer has inventory available, Michael Lavocah's superb http://milonga.co.uk/ can help you determine which CDs might be best to buy used.