poesía de gotán:

Milonga del 900 (1933)

Milonga of the 1900s
lyrics by Homero Manzi

I like mismatched things
and I don’t walk on the sidewalk;
I wear a Massera porkpie hat*
and military boots on my feet.
I loved her because I loved her
and ‘cause of that I’m pained right now—
she’s left me and I don’t even know when,
don’t even know when she’ll come back.

Guitars say her name to me
when they speak their songs,
so do the little neighborhood streets,
and the edge of my dagger.
The stars say her name to me
and so does the wind of the arrabal,
I don’t know why they say her name
if I can’t just forget her…

*Massera was a brand of dressy hats. Many thanks to tango scholar Oscar Himschoot for this information.
Orquesta Francisco Canaro, canta Ernesto Famá

(Spanish original after the jump)
Milonga del 900

Me gusta lo desparejo
y no voy por la vedera;
uso funghi a lo Massera,*
calzo bota militar.
La quise porque la quise
y por eso ando penando—
se me fue ya ni se cuando,
ni se cuando volverá.

Me la nombran las guitarras
cuando dicen su canción,
las callecitas del barrio,
y el filo de mi facón.
Me la nombran las estrellas
y el viento del arrabal;
no se pa’ que me la nombran
si no la puedo olvidar.

About Derrick Del Pilar

Born and raised in Chicago, I came to the tango while studying at the Universidad de Belgrano in Buenos Aires in 2006. In 2008 I earned my B.A. with majors in Creative Writing and Spanish & Portuguese from the University of Arizona, and in 2009 I earned an M.A. in Latin American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. My specialty is the history & literature of early 20th century Argentina.


3 thoughts on “Milonga del 900 (1933)

  1. One of the most beautiful slow Milongas that bring back memories of Carlos Gardel who liked to sing it often. This is also one of the best songs to learn the Milonga dance because it has the typical beat.

    Posted by Allen Klus | 06.30.2009, 3:04 AM
  2. Love that Milonga, to sing and to dance it! Tell me, what do you think why is it called “Milonga del 900″?!

    Posted by Debbie | 10.09.2012, 9:02 AM
  3. Love that milonga – to dance and to sing it. Thanks a lot for translation. Tell me, why do you think it’s called “milonga del 900″? 900 what?

    Posted by Debbie | 10.10.2012, 9:39 AM

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