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Maleza (1945)

Garden Weeds
lyrics by Cátulo Castillo
music by Enrique Munné

Since absence has locked the door on me,
with bolts of oblivion…
Since the seductive door knocker
stays silent,
I don’t even know why I’ve come…
The garden weeds
and the ruins of the balcony
wound me with their gloom…
Since her hand is not there anymore,
since only more weeds will grow
over my willful dreams…

It was a lapse in my love,
a bitter lust that filled
my whole life…
The dark weeds
of my delusions
like a slow poison
filled with sorrow and hatred…
Vain weeds
growing over my heart
like the rust on her shutters
like the creeping moss…
like the malaise that shut her window…

Because she hurt me so, I left…
not knowing how I wounded her…
never imagining that in my absence I would lose
everything I held most dear…
Now her alleyway is dark…
her garden has wilted and died.
The door knocker has fallen silent…
and today as I return to her doorstep
my sadness is the weed
growing with a bitter memory…

Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese, singer Alberto Morán

Morán does not sing the italicized verse in the version above.

(Spanish original after the jump)
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