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Tus labios me dirán (1945)

Your Lips Will Tell Me
lyrics by Hector Marcó

You don’t love me anymore, but I can’t blame you—
if you can do this, then I can hide my tears.
But you alone, you and my heart,
shall answer to God one day.

There’s nothing left now, nothing left to say—
you’re preparing to begin
and I’m preparing to leave.
For the sake of my love, don’t say your goodbye—
I ask only for a corner where I can lay down to die.

like a shadow following you,
like a perpetual (thirsty) dreamer,
I tried to win your love
and embrace my faith.

I stumbled
and I drowned in my tears,
the sweet petals of light
that like a tempest your lips
tore from the stem of my suffering.

I gave up my life for them,
I gave in to sorrow for you,
and now that I am on my knees
begging to love your soul
your lips will tell me, “goodbye.”

Note: The first verse opens the Di Sarli version but is not sung in the Biagi version. The verse and word in italics appear in the Biagi version, but not the Di Sarli version.

Orquesta Carlos Di Sarli, singer Jorge Durán

Orquesta Rodolfo Biagi, singer Alberto Amor

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